Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two choices ...

I often wonder why after so many life altering events over the last 10 years that I am still sane.  Yes, there is some humour in qualifying me as "sane" for there are times this is questionable.  However, last night's events did clarify why I feel that I am of sound mind despite everything life throws at me ... it is because I "roll with the punch". 

Another typical Friday evening - stop at the grocery store for a loaf of bread; a full hour later I am leaving the store.  Holding my basket, I remembered that I did not have any coarse salt for my Lime-A-Rita glass.  I walk down the aisle and say hello to a familiar face.  No sooner had I passed him, I remembered that cherries are required.  Turning back, a quick exchange of words turned into a one hour discussion.  Topic - widowhood; I much younger in age yet older in grief, listened.  His facial expressions and body language spoke of the slow release of loneliness and increasing trust that his audience would not shut him down with this uneasy subject.  Leaving the store, I noted the sun reminding me that time is running out for my evening plans to tackle the back yard.  Oh well, there is a time and a place for everything.  Obviously, I was where I needed to be!  Two choices, one upset because plans have been foiled or two deal with what time I have left.

As expected, the house was quiet.  Friday evening, the boys are out.  Quick supper and out I go armed with my trusted weed whacker, gloves and the Canadian Tenors!  Feeling great because the sun although low still illuminating the back yard.  Roll out the numerous extension cords required, I flip the switch.  Motor roars but no results.  No line left.  Two choices, one upset because my tool is not whacking or two deal with what other work needs tending.  Back to the garage to pick up my cutters and start hacking at the bush in need of serious trimming.   Now hacking to the rhythm of the serious ballad coming from my loyal Tenors.  Picking up the remains of the discarded branches, I notice that the weeds are encroaching on the flowerbed.  A quiet moment between songs, I heard the new sound of the many mosquitoes attacking my neck, arms and ears.  Guess it is time to either - head into the house or to arm myself against this constant attack.  Back to the garage for a shovel and a mosquito jacket to make the best of what sunlight is left.  Walking back to the garden, the setting sun rewarded my senses with the most spectacular scene.  Life's precious moments warmed my heart.

I was rewarded this morning while taking a walk around the gardens.  Two choices again.  One to appreciate the work that has been done or two be discouraged because the back yard is still plagued with weeds.  Easy choice.

With every new event, I have chosen to seek the silver lining to every dark cloud and to "roll with the punch".