About Me

There are no rhymes, nor any real reason - this is simply my blog.  I started this blog as part of my healing after the sudden death of my beautiful Bill.  Growing up, my sister and I would often whisper to each other and giggle under the sheets before sleep, about "When I grow up" and how "a knight in shining armour would come to love me forever."  Imagine the day I met Bill - my knight in shining armour!  My friend of 26 years, husband of nearly 25 years and my one and only BForever!  Life with Bill was too short.  He was proud of me and would often comment on how he loved my generosity.  And so, I honour his memory by sharing my grief with those who would read my blog in hopes of finding a refuge, comfort, information or simply seeking to know that they are okay!
Breathe my tender hearts!


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